Director Reel

Watch Jessica’s director reel, featuring her most recent work.


Seduced on Lifetime

Prettyface Trailer

Prettyface – Lorraine Nicholson as Marlena

Val Kilmer as Mark Twain (feature film promo)

Electra Complex – Selects from Scene 32 – Rachel searches for Jello in the Rain

Electra Complex – Rough Cut of Stair Sequence Bachelor Party Scene

Music Videos

Pale Blue – Acid Waves

Jesika von Rabbit – Psychic Spice

John Marek – Patterns

Jesika von Rabbit – Glamorous Misery

Jesika von Rabbit – Looking for a Weirdo

Shari Elf – I Like Myself

Commercial Spots

California Ballet – Beer & Ballet – 90 sec

California Ballet – Beer & Ballet – 30 sec

California Ballet – Noche Latina – 50 sec

California Ballet – 50 sec