The Electra Complex

Hollywood, 1992. Beepers were in, G.G. Allin was alive. Ecstasy was cool and a sick house in the hills was selling for under half a mil. Too bad Rachel Keith, squatter punk, 19, only has five. Cents.

The Electra Complex is a film written by Clarissa Jacobson and Jessica Janos, directed by Jessica Janos and starring Violet Paley and Kansas Bowling as two punk rock conceptual artist strippers destroying Hollywood circa 1992.

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Proof of Concept Scenes for The Electra Complex

Proof of Concept Scene for The Electra Complex
Hollywood, 1992.   
Beepers were in, G.G. Allin was alive. 
Ecstasy was cool and a sick house in the hills was selling for under half a mil. 
Too bad Rachel Keith, squatter punk, 19, only has five…  


That bites ‘cause she grew up in that house and really fucking wants it.  Who knows why… seeing as some fucked up shit happened there.  And it’s not your garden-variety fucked up shit either.  Her thirty-year-old boyfriend Jell-O says it’s ‘cause she’s a masochist, but who’s he to talk?  Fucking junkie.  The thing about Jell-O though, is he’s a great muse.  Just ask everyone at CalArts where Rachel’s gettin’ an “education.”  CalArts… you know, the school where clothing is optional and grades inhibiting? 
Rachel refers to herself as a conceptual artist.   It’s about the idea, man.   And… she’s a got an amazing idea, but, well… she can’t really… like put it into words.  But, it’s going to be amazing!  So what if she’s having a bit of creative block.  Her teacher tells her she can’t get past her daddy issues.  But, fuck that bitch.  And fuck those dick sucking trust fund babies, she’s outta there.  
It’s cool thoughwho needs CalFarts when you got a dude like Jell-O?  He made like twenty bucks spanging (spare-changing) on the Blvd. and he’s going to buy her a cheeseburger no meat.  Life is good!  Not.  He takes off with all her shit including her prized video camera and leaves her with nothing in the rain.   But, it’s her lucky day, cause she meets Alyssa, this hippy chick in a Santa hat who shares her bottle of Jameson, and oh… the thousands of dollars she has stashed in her shitty studio.  Turns out Alyssa’s a stripper and Rachel thinks that’s an insane idea because if she can make the kind of bank that Alyssa does, that house is hers.  

Welcome to The Tiffany and Electra Show!  

Alyssa/Tiffany says the double-headed dildo is the big money maker (ass to ass).  But, fuck that pedestrian shit!  This isn’t stripping.  This is art.  Conceptual art.  Tiffany and Electra kick ass, but it’s not fast enough because that house just fucking sold!  That’s when Rachel takes a chance that makes her face all the fucked up shit that happened in that house, all the secrets that fester inside her and the pain that keeps her from becoming the person she was always meant to be.   




Director’s Vision

Director/Co-writer Jessica Janos uses life experience to bring grit and comedy to the scenes based on her own youth as a squatter punk, art school drop out, stripper, and caretaker of a junkie. It is this unique personal connection to the work that makes it such a one-of-a-kind project from the heart – a sexy, funny and sometimes heartbreaking story about female empowerment in an unlikely setting.


Co-Writer/Director: Jessica Janos
Co-Writer:  Clarissa Jacobson
Lead Actress: Violet Paley
Lead Actress: Kansas Bowling

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